Connectivity problem

Difficulties with uploading, downloading, posting, browsing.... so ask !!!

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Connectivity problem

Postby Preet » 2 months ago


has that only happened to me, or was the forum down during the last two weeks?
Seems to be ok now, but whenever i tried before the connection timed out...

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Re: Connectivity problem

Postby The Good Owner » 2 months ago

Hello.. the server who host the forum is down because I need to pay every month or every 3 months depending of amount of money that I have to keep it online !!
I am not anymore interested to renew the membership with my money ...
I buy videos and renew the server with money of donator.. in return the donator members have access to all videos that I buy in private forum..
and now there are no enough money to keep the forum alive.. so one day the forum will die