Feet Dreams site ....

store ...website.... contain footsie.... Alert new footsie... accept doing custom video... please give review about it

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Feet Dreams site ....

Postby STS » 2 years ago

Still haven't gotten my new computer or I'd be sharing this stuff with you instead of directing you where some good stuff is .

I was looking around and never checked out Feet Dreams although I heard of it before.

I saw it had a lot of sole to sole stuff in it's sample pages so I joined for a month to access the pics. It sees to be an older site but has quite a bit of sole to sole !! If any of you decide to join check out a picture set with Sienna and Emily for some great sole to sole pictures. :wow: There is also a girl maned Cindy who tole locks in three separate picture sets with a few different girls. Not the best but it;s toelocking :yes:

Maybe this is old stuff for some of you but except for one pic from here that I saw before, all the others are new to me. Have not seen any clips there of our kind of thing unfortunately.

Happy hunting :fine: