Beach season is here :>)

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Beach season is here :>)

Postby STS » 3 months ago

Well, it's beach season here and as always I go hoping to see a couple females playing with feet in whatever way . Other than a partner Yoga class I cant think of a place you have a better chance to see this other than at the beach or a pool.

Though I didn't get lucky ... the anticipation for me was through the roof and I had to share this with you guys.

So with my hopes up I get to the beach and after a few minutes a couple of girls show up and set up to my right and about thirty yards in front of me. They have two chairs and a couple towels besides the other stuff like a cooler, carry bags , etc. They set the chairs up and the one girl decides to lay down her towel. Slightly windy, the towel kept blowing so she puts a carry bag at one end and a chair at the other. She then lays down on her belly to get some sun on her back, her feet in front of the the chair holding the towel.

The other girl undresses down to her bikini and I expected her to sit in the other chair but instead she sits in the one holding the towel - which puts her feet real close to her friends !! The girl in the chair has her feet in between her friends who has them spread a little wider then the chair. Seeing this and the possibilities had my heart racing and get an immediate hard on, LOL. The girl in the chair is just relaxing looking around the beach while her friend who is lying right in front of her starts raising her feet in the air , flexing them, crossing and uncrossing them and slowly bringing them up and down with her pretty soles right in front of the other girl. :wow:

I know the girl in the chair noticed her friends feet as she looked at them for a time and I fully expected her to get playful and put her soles on her friends in a reverse position, toe to heel , the next time her friend raised them up - or - position her feet so they would hook ankles with her when she lowered them ... but wouldn't you know , it never happened ... not even an accidental touch. :cry:

I would have seen that as a typical 'girly thing' for the two to do in that position on a beach, not unreasonable to think about happening ... but they just didn't ! The girl in the chair got up in a couple minutes to get something out of the cooler and sat back down in the other chair. I was so fucking disappointed .... it's the closest I've come so far. Of course I was fantasizing that the seated one would place her soles on the others and the two smile and enjoy it awhile before the one on the towel decides to 'do it right' and rolls over on her back and they continue it a typical sole to sole pose.

But not today , Damn it .... and it was so fucking close !!

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Re: Beach season is here :>)

Postby Ticklefootsie » 3 months ago

I don't think women just play footsies with each other like that bro nor is it a "girly thing" to do, maybe some girls would with a (girl)friend but the majority of women really wouldn't do that.

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